But mom, I don't need a college degree to be a rapper.

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sometimes i really wish someone would have slapped the fuck out of me when i was a kid— i fucking hate myself for how ignorant i was towards my parents. i wish i could take back every fucking moment i treated my parents like shit. i wish i could take back all those hateful words that spewed out of my fucking filthy mouth, but i can’t. for years i had my head stuck up my ass and took advantage of them. i was blinded by the fact that my parents weren’t actually trying to ruin my life, but sculpt it into a better one. they have done nothing but work their asses off to provide every essential i ever needed to be successful and survive in this piece of shit world— and they still do.

when i see children, teenagers, and even my own siblings, talk about how much they “hate their parents” because of whatever petty excuse they come up with, i want to put them into a god damn chokehold. i know there are those parents out there who completely abandon their children and they have every right to be angry, but if your parents do work their asses off for you, provide food to shove down your mouth, provide shelter over your skull, the least you can do is open your fucking eyes and learn to appreciate everything that they have done for you and not bitch about not getting your way.

it sucks that it took me years to acknowledge this, but it’s the truth.
you never realize how good you have it until it’s gone.

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my boyfriend fails to appreciate my music taste

this is not okay.

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i only have a god on my shirt.

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there should be a college black market where i can access it 24/7 for all my special needs god damn it.

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San Gorgonio Pass, 1981
Richard Misrach

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you can gouge away

stay all day

if you want to.

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